Welcome to West Coast Swing PARTY & WORKSHOP EVERY SUNDAY since Jan 2011 :)

We will use for some weeks the same FB link for every Sunday, so click on "join" or "interested" to get the updates.

*** 18:00- 21:00 WCS PARTY w/ DJ Arild. You are welcome to post music requests on the event wall :)

***17:00-18:00 WCS CLASS w/ Arild & Karina, the most experienced WCS teacher couple in Norway. Class on international level, taylor made for those who shows up: improver, intermediate & advanced. Great technique, styling & cool patterns. They dance with you, giving personal feedback, to ensure the best learning process. Pre-requisite: knowing well side pass, under arm, sugar push, sugar tuck and whip. If you have not done a basic course & want to learn them to enjoy better the party, or to be able to join the group class, you can book a private class before the event :)

Have you never tried Arild and Karina's class before? If not, you can try it FOR FREE during our free weeks on Oct 29th, or for HALF PRICE any other day.
- Party: Kr. 50,- (FREE on the 29th of October for newcomers)
- Workshop:
Drop in (includes the party): Kr 200,- or 160,- with student card.
Get MUCH CHEAPER DEALS buying 8-weeks course or PUNCHCARD or even cheaper cards:

WCS Sundays is a concept of stylish class+party to rock the WCS world of Oslo and surroundings! Every Sunday we invite the teachers & students from all WCS dance schools in Oslo & other towns to come together to learn more, teach, practice, make friendship, find dance partners & have lots of fun! We also see the importance in the learning process of having slow music right after the class so you can practice what you just learned so you will never forget! Bar will be open with ordinary and ecological beverages and snacks. Thank you for joining & building up this concept with us!

Art with a Heart, by Karina Dragonfly & Arild Lekanger. Fun Teaching with Fast Results! Arild Lekanger, with 16 years of teaching West Coast Swing, he is the pioneer of WCS in Norway and also the main person who brought WCS to Sweden. Karina Dragonfly has 26 years of teaching experience in dance!
Arild & Karina are professional, dedicated, kind, humorous & highly experienced instructors. They travel often to dance congresses with worldwide champions. They join WCS instructor training programs, take private classes with the best instructors worldwide, and are always up to date with their dance. They have a lot of experience on instructing what you need to become a smooth and attractive WCS Dancer on any WCS dance floor around the world. They have a clear pedagogy, smooth and comfortable WCS dance. They will dance will all participants to give them personal feedback during classes and help them learn faster and better. You will notice how much more you learn in their class & remember, than in most WCS congresses & classes around the world.
Watch them dancing: www.facebook.com/ilovedancingproductions/videos/vb.119841384873488/374963796027911/?type=2&theater
Read more about them: http://ilovedancing.no/instructors/

WCS is one of the COOLEST & FASTEST GROWING COUPLE DANCES in the world & in Norway. This is the couple dance that most gives you freedom of movement & possibility of music interpretation, known as "The Dancers Dance"! WCS is danced to Pop, Disco, RnB, Hip Hop, Blues, Jazz, Soul. Depending on the music one dances to, WCS can be soft, sensual and elegant, or funky, bold & fast. Awesome for all ages, shapes & backgrounds :)
Watch these 2 fun improvisations in WCS:

MORE WCS EVENTS (Tuesdays & Extravagance):

Bring dance shoes, or other indoor shoes that have slippery soles to avoid injuries) that does not leave marks on the floor, or dance with socks.
We have NICE DANCE SHOES TO SELL on the same location as the course, from 300 NOK. Come earlier to try them ;)

We have created the perfect atmosphere for learning, having fun and socializing at I Love Dancing, dedicating to offer the best quality in all we do for you:
- Awesome pedagogy
- Fun classes in all levels
- Fast results
- Kind instructors
- Many popular dance styles
- Friendly community
- Elegant and super central location
- Great variety of amazing music
- Awesome sound system
- Great dance floor
- Cozy colorful light system
- Nice ecological bar & café
- Exclusive dance shop
- Effective combination of classes & party of the same dance style on the same day and location, so you can practice right away what you learn and make best use of your investment of time and money.
- Our events are done with great respect for other teachers & events.
- This is truly a place of art with a heart!

*** RECRUIT A NEW FRIEND who hasn't been to ILD: We deduct 10% of your friends 1st purchase, from your own pass.
Example 1: Your friend takes 1 full course (990,-/ 790,- students), you get kr 99,-/ 79,-discount on your course.
Example 2: Your friend purchases a Diamond Card (Kr 6990,-/ 5590,- Students), you get Kr 699,-/ 559,- discount on your course, and so on :)

Partners are not fixed so you'll have opportunity to meet new friends and dance with different people. If you attend with your own partner and for whatever reason you wish to stay with your partner, this is fine, just stay with your partner when we change partners. There are always a few participants repeating their beginner course to refresh their basics. This will provide you the opportunity to dance with stronger dancers to help you learn faster.

West Coast Swing Oslo: West Coast Swing Oslo

Best regards, BIG hugs, and much appreciation,
I Love Dancing Team,
The founder of the first regular WCS Social Dance concept in Oslo.
Tollbugata 13, Oslo @ Posthuskvartalet!
Phone: +47 93219199
E-mail: post (at) ilovedancing.no

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