Norwegian nature constitutes a paradise for outdoor experiences. It is our personal goal to get more people outdoors and closer to nature. We combine highlights with off the beaten track adventures.

Based in Stavanger, Fjord-Norway, Outdoorlife Norway organizes summer hikes and winter activities in and around the Lysefjord. Besides day trips to the highlights of the Lysefjord – Preikestolen, Kjerag and Flørli – we also provide multi-day tours. Guests can join a Day-Hike, go on a Multi-Day Trekking Adventure, or request a tailored tour with private guide. We believe that guiding small groups and a close interaction between the triangle of guest – nature – guide are important to create unique nature experiences that will create memories for life.

Winter hikes

The thick layers of snow in Stavanger’s mountainous hinterlands usually remain far into spring. The busy summer season is months away and the hiking trails are covered in ice and snow. How would you enjoy hiking through a winter wonderland on snowshoes…? …or spending the night in a cozy snow cave?

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Day hikes

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Ever hiked along a fjord? Visit the highlights of the Lysefjord – Preikestolen, Kjerag and Flørli. Hike off the beaten track. Enjoy views only few have experienced. Carved out and shaped by glaciers during the ice ages, the mighty Lysefjord has fascinated locals and travelers for centuries.

The Lysefjord was once home to wanderer and local legend Pilt-Ola (1779-1858). Pilt-Ola walked all the way to Lapland to buy reindeer and even tried to walk from Norway to America. Myths tell that Pilt Ola hiked around the 42 km long Lysefjord in just one day. Hike in Pilt-Ola’s footsteps and discover the Lysefjord at your own pace. Outdoorlife Norway offers an assortment of multi-day trekking tours with varying lengths and levels of difficulty. Welcome to the Lysefjord!

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Discover the diverse Stavanger & Ryfylke region by bike! Our region is famous for its fjords and mountains. But did you know we also have 70 kilometer of white sand beaches? And more than 2,000 islands? It’s all a stone’s throw away from Stavanger! Join a bike tour and explore the city, beaches, islands, fjords and mountains with us. Or rent a bike and make your own tour. The choice is yours!

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Private tours

Private guided tours are organized just for you and/or your travel group, accompanied by your own personal guide. No one outside joins your tour! We promise you a unique outdoor experience of the upmost quality. All our tours start and end in Stavanger, south-western Norway. Below, you can find our selection of private guided tours, designed and quality tested in cooperation with hand-picked local activity providers. These tours have a set group price, regardless of the number of participants. During the booking process, you can customize your pick-up location and time. If you cannot find what you are looking for among our private guided tours, the alternative could be to let us design a tailor-made trip for you.

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