Deep in the heart of the realm of Beasts lies the Obsidian City. Surrounded by Jungles and swamps, it sits at the bottom of Mount Kozzick, a Huge fiery volcano. The City itself is home to the forces of order and within you can find stormcasts, humans and dwarves. Even a few Seraphon and Aelves have camps within the City. At it's heart lies a great Jewel that was found at the heart of the volcano by dwarf prospectors. Enfused with magical powers, the people of the city now use this Gem to guard the city from the beasts outside of it.

Surrounded by inhospitable land, the leaders of the city host a great hunt every generation to remove the immediate threat of the roaming monsters so that they can clear out the surrounding land to expand a little further.

Special prizes are awarded to those that capture or kill the greatest and most powerful of monsters. The prizes for killing these terrors are often ancient relics or blessings from priests.

The four greatest monsters of the current age are:

  • Roddac, The unscarred. - A Carnosaur of particular durability. It is said that his scales are harder that Diamonds as blades have been known to break upon them.
    - Red Claw - A Dragon of a forgotten age, Red claw, is incredibly inteligent. So much so that those that have encountered it and survived say that not only can it talk but it has the ability to cast spells.
    - The Drowner - Living deep in the swamps is a particularly vicious Kharibdyss. Known to be highly agressive and unusually fast for its breed. Many a man that enters the swamps does not come back.
    - Gallek or rock hide - Within the volcano itself one of the magamadroths that are breed their by the dwarfs of the city has caused a problem for the breeders as it has developed the unusual ability to camoflague itself and enjoys the taste of dwarf flesh...

Many come from across the 8 realms to take part in the hunt, including champions of death, chaos and destruction. Although unwelcome within the Obsidian City, the prizes have been known to be hurled from the city walls at the succesful champions. In one case, an ork Megaboss got a relic spear thrown "to him" that impaled his leg. The city guard had a hard time fending his Ironjaw force off that day.

The hunter who impresses the most is permitted within the city to meet with the cities ruler, where he is crowned the champion.

To take part in the months narrative Age of Sigmar campaign you will need a 1000 point matched play army that is led by a non named character that you will give a name and a background to.

This background needs to be sent in to the store email () before the first day of the campaign at the latest. (make sure you write in what he wants to achieve and why)

You can also pay points for members of your army to have monster catching gear. This includes:

  • Nets
    - Traps
    - Tranquilisers
    - Cages

These should be purchased for your army before each hunt. See your game master for more details on this.

If you have any questions then please see in store the manager, Mike.

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