Ragnar is a founding member of several Icelandic bands. Most notably Ask the Slave, In Siren as well as his most successful act Árstíðir who has released four studio albums to date, had two #1 hits in Iceland and through relentless touring built a devoted fanbase in Europe, Russia and the United States. Ragnar is also the lead vocalist of Lightspeed Legend, a keyboardist for Sign, and session organ player for Sólstafir.

In 2017 Ragnar released his first solo album “Urges” displaying a more singer-songwriter oriented side to him. Ragnar is currently working on his next solo album together with his partner in crime David Ra-Campari. The album will be called Mississippi and consists of songs that Ragnar wrote during a months stay on the river last year.

David Ra-Champari is a violin player out of Norway currently Iceland based who in the past has worked with bands such as Pain of Salvation, Tommy Tokyo and Sign.

We bid you welcome to a summer evening filled with music in good company.

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