Activate Your Core : Tone,Stretch,Sweat & Flow

Discover the full circumference of your core body.

Discover how “core” is connected to everything we do …. every pose on and off the mat!

Discover how core is not an “isolated” part of the body that we work alone.

You will work front of core, side body, back body, pelvis, glutes and hamstrings.

You will also get to work with subtle breath practices to activate and bring awareness to your core body.

Chakradance will be introduced to help activate the Solar Plexus and the subtle energy body of the core through moving meditation.

Week 1

Tone & Strengthen Front Of Core

What is “core” ?

anatomy of core body

strengthen front of core

use of breath to activate core

  • discover that core can not be isolated from other parts of body

Week 2.

Twists & Core Strength
activate the the side of core : obliques & back of core focus

use breath to lengthen spine, twisting from base of core first.

  • vinyasa flow with focus on twists.

Week 3.

Core Strength & Stability In Standing Poses

  • grounding of feet helps to activate your core.

engaging inner thigh muscles for stability

explore drawing energy into midline of body for balance/stability.

Week 4.

Now that you have spent some time to feel and work with the musculature of the core body you will spend the last week exploring the subtle energy of the core body.

Introduction to chakras with greater attention to Solar Plexus Chakra ( core ).

Discover how the energy within this chakra influences the way in which you "carry" yourself throughout your day/life.

Explore the core body /solar plexus through moving meditation : Chakradance .

This is a free flowing practice that will activate the core energy in a different way.

A long savasana will end our time together.

The cost of this 4 week course is 1000 NOK.

Reserve your spot via vipps or pop over to

Get in touch if you have any questions.

Namaste x

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