Dovrefjell on E-bike - NEW TOUR 2018

Date: Sundays 15june – 15 okt
Price: 995; pp
Difficulty: Medium
Area: Dovrefjell
Duration: A whole day
Appropriate for: Adults
Private tour: contact us

This is without doubt one guided tour we are exited about.

In 2017 it was made possible to bike across Dovrefjell, from Dombås to Hjerkinn,

Join our trip and learn about the national parks, moose, wild reindeer, trolls, muscox and old tales from Dovrefjell

We visit
• A traditional mountain lodge
• Viewpoint Snøhetta
• The Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre

When the tour is finished, you can enjoy a free waffle and coffe at the local coffeebar Heime

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