It is time for the 2018 Shootout!!

What is this about?

Is an annual friendly competition.

We will create teams and I will give each team a subject/item to photograph. This competition is open to all levels, share this event so more people can join.

Limited time will be given to all teams to take pictures of this subject in the most creative way, and edit the image.

Then everybody will vote to choose the most creative image, and prizes will be given xD.

This competition is open to everyone, the idea of working in teams is to balance the technical expertise, so the teams will be created randomly and then balance if needed.

Bring all the equipment you think you will need, that can be, camera, props, laptop for editing etc.

Is going to be fun!!

We are starting at 19:00 at Kjelleren at the Stavanger Library, please be on time, or you will have less time to make the image or not be able to join the competition.

Not a SAPS member yet? Join here:

After the competition we will go for a tea to mingle, get to know each other and most probably keep talking about photography.xD

Looking forward to see all of you there

Guillem Cheung Photography

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