On 17th of May The Backyard at MESH has been the hotspot year after year. This year is no different but in a even bigger format. We are opening up the entire house with two main dance floors.

11-13 Ornella
13-17 Sandy & Hans Hug
17-19 Vari Loves
19-21 Amo & Vaz
21-23 André Bravo

As usual, we bring back the club atmosphere to the Backyard. This time with a bigger sound system. Ornella opens before Sandy & Hans Hug presents their House favorites. Vari Loves, Amo, and André Bravo are names most people in Oslo have heard about.

2nd floor:
11-15 DJ Camisa
15-19 Selektør Dubaloo
19-23 João Caveira

If you are into eclectic selections and rare vinyl you will have a lot to enjoy in the 2nd floor this day. We have invited two Revolver-residents, DJ Camisa and João Caveira who will play Afro, Soul, Funk and Selektør Dubaloo will be playing tropical vibrations.


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