Mom & Baby Yogalates Course
8x - Twice a week
Mondays 1100-1200 &
Thursdays 1100-1200

Want to get your body back after pregnancy and birth?
Get it back the right way!

Twice a week, we meet to help get your “mummy tummy”/muscles back in place, with the proper guidance.

Vanessa will help you get there, working on your core, finding those important deep abdominals, that have been stretched & lengthened in preparation for delivery. Let Vanessa assist you, checking your abdominals at the start of each course. To see if they have come back to their original state (watching for a gap between your rectus abdominis) or if there is a difference (an amelioration) from one course to another.

You will feel better and build up your energy, have less aches and pains in your back/pelvic region and pelvis, that is often affected during pregnancy.

We will focus on pelvic floor muscles. You will work on posture, on stretches and exercises to regain strength the correct way. Building yourself up the right way is IMPORTANT and can make a difference for the future.
Use this "mom & baby" time doing the best of both worlds Yoga and Pilates together = YOGALATES!

Come join Vanessa at Hot Yoga in Sola. The course is in a regular temperatured room, not heated for a hot class.

NOTE: It is recommended to wait 6 weeks until starting a training regime or wait 8 weeks if you have had a caesarean

To pay and book download the MindBody app & search for Hot Yoga AS, create a profile and password to sign up for the Mom & Baby Yogalates, and if you have any questions or concerns, contact Vanessa at 47339376 or .

Course fee 8 times = 1.500 kr.

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