Velkommen til årets første mellomalderseminar!

Torsdag 25.januar får vi besøk av Anu Lahtinen (Universitetet i Helsinki) som skal halde foredraget "Gender and Property: Self-evidences and surprises in late medieval North".

Vi møtast kl. 19:00 i NDR si kantine i Bispegata 11.

Om foredraget:

The lecture deals with female agency in noble families in medieval Sweden - especially when it comes to landed property, selling, buying or otherwise accumulating wealth.

In many transaction documents or disputes, women are mentioned only in passing remarks. A woman's possible role as an advisor or an initiator, for example, is hidden behind the male representative acting on the behalf of his household. While the significance of gender is evident, the vagueness of information opens possibilities for both over- and underestimating the role of women in the process of decision making. The presentation will deal with the range of sources and interpretation, based on my research on Swedish and Finnish examples.

Om foredragshaldaren:

Anu Lahtinen is currently working as a Professor of Finnish and Nordic History at the University of Helsinki. Her fields of expertise include medieval and early modern social history and gender history. She has previously published, among others, following titles:

Lahtinen, Anu: Stepfamilies in Sweden, 1400 to 1650: the Family in Process between Bloodlines and Continuity. Stepfamilies in Europe. Ed. Lyndan Warner. Routledge, London & New York (in print, forthcoming 2018).

Lahtinen, Anu: By love and by law: choices of female donors in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Sweden. Donations, Inheritance and Property in the Nordic and Western World from Late Antiquity until Today. Eds. Ole-Albert Rønning, Helle Møller Sigh & Helle Vogt. Routledge, London & New York 2017, 146-164.

Lahtinen, Anu: Kärlek och förpliktelser: aristokratiska systrars brevväxling under 1500-talet. [Engl. Love and duty: aristocratic sisters’ correspondence in the 16th century.] Folkmålsstudier (47) 2009, pp. 45–66.

Mägde und weibliches Gesinde 1300-1600. Arbeitsam und gefügig. Zur Geschichte der Frauenarbeit in Finnland. Hrsg. Marjatta Rahikainen & Kirsi Vainio-Korhonen. Schriftenreihe des Finnland-Instituts in Deutschland 6. BWV Berliner Wissenschaftsverlag, Berlin 2007, pp. 23-39.

Lahtinen, Anu: Presence, Absence and Distance. Physical and Mental Local Landscape in Premodern Finland. Power and Culture: New Perspectives on Spatiality in European History. Eds.

Lahtinen, Anu: Anpassning, förhandling, motstånd. Kvinnliga aktörer i släkten Fleming 1470-1620. Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland - Bokförlaget Atlantis, Sverige, Helsingfors - Stockholm 2009. 314 p

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