Welcome to MammaFit circuit training.
Dress up your baby or be dressed up, its Carneval week! Lets get fun! If you have no any costumes, take accesorize or dont worry i will prepare something for everybody! :)

Take with you:
- stroller with baby;
- tea or water;
- good mood. :)

Location: Mostvatnet park from Madlaveien, Texaslunden.


Outdoor mommyfit classes are designed specifically for moms, to help you to regain your shape, strength and fitness, and with a big focus on posture and working those all-important abdominal and back muscles. Classes are perfect for new moms who wish to exercise and socialise with their babies.

Januar kurs på mandager kl.12.00 Trening ute, Mosvatnet og torsdager kl.11.00 i 24-7 treningssenter, Mariero.

MANDAGER KL.12.00 Sirkel trening og styrke OUTSIDE
TORSDAGER KL. 11.00 Mommyfit trening INSIDE

  • No payment for membership in gym.
    (24/7 Treningssenter Mariero
    Timoteiveien 22, 4017 Stavanger)

uke1- intro
uke2—kosthold, combination exercise and food, bekkenbunn øvelser
uke3-home task, extra training home, daily activity, kangatrening,
uke4- self motivation, kanga
uke5 - challenge week

Priser for 2018, JANUAR
- Kr 500,- 4 weeks, 8 times, 2x a week
- Kr 350,- 4 weeks, only Thursdays, inside class, 1 time a week
Kr 200,- 4 times, only Mondays, outside class, 1 time a week

- Drop- in - Kr 100,- (not guaranteed place for inside classes)
*if outside raining classes will be cancelled , classes will move to February.

Your instructor:
Ilze Livincova

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