Bli med og si NEI til utrydningspolitikken - MØT opp på NOAHs markering utenfor Stortinget klokken 13.30 lørdag 20. januar.

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    Lørdag 20. januar mobiliserer vi for ulvene, det vil holdes appeller utenfor Stortinget fra klokken 13:30

Det holdes appeller fra ulike organisasjoner for ulv – blant annet WWF, NOAH, Naturvernforbundet, Foreningen våre rovdyr, Rovviltets Røst, Ulvens Dag

Andre appellanter:
Mads Andenæs (prof. juss), Harald Kryvi (prof. biologi), Ragnhild Sollund (prof. kriminologi), Dag Endsjø (prof. religion/etikk), Tom Schandy (naturfotograf), Tore Hauge (bor på Rena, "stemme fra ulvesonen"), Arne Nævra (SV/naturfotograf), Espen Stoknes (MDG/ holdningsforsker), Øyvind Solum, (leder i rovviltnemda Oslo, Akershus og Østfold, MDG) og en representant fra Venstre.

Andre markeringer:








Se her for bilder fra de utenlandske markeringene:

Sverige, Stockholm
20. januar organisert av Djurens Rätt (kan kontakte for mer info

Finland, Helsinki

Litauen, Vilnius

Estland, Tallin


Kroatia, Zagreb


Come and join in the protest either on 19 January / 20 January 2018 in your country! Scroll down and check the list of events in other countries.

The politicians in Norway claim that killing wolves and destroying nature helps to reduce conflict in society. Let them know that they are wrong!

The predator policy of the Norwegian authorities is shameful. It is unacceptable that protected species are killed for economic reasons.

It is absurd that Norwegian politicians openly ignore any recommendations from researchers and the majority opinion of the Norwegian people. They also disregard Norwegian laws and international agreements binding to Norway. All that matters to them is to shoot more wolves.

There are many of us who say now – WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH!

It is important that as many as possible join in the rally to show to the politicians that we do not accept the systematic killing of wolves in Norway. They need to see that there are many of us who stand by animals and that we are deeply upset over the ongoing culling of wolves and the wolf extinction policy driven by the authorities!

The Parliament of Norway, the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment and the court of first instance in Oslo have failed the wolves in Norway. But WE HAVE NOT!

Therefore it is essential that we shall organise ourselves in great numbers and stand up for the wolves on this day. Please spread the news of the wolf rally to your friends, family and others you know!

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