Systec Prime is a large frontier world in the galactic north of the Imperium. Covered in Volcanoes and highly valuabe minerals the mechanicum have turned it into an industrial hub for the system.

Recently several large earthquakes have caused large amounts of the planets surface to tear open. Including through parts of the main forge plant, leaving it exposed and vunerable.

The local eclesiarchy took to reading the emperors tarot shortly after and were faced with grim news. This worse was yet to come.

Astropaths have tried to request assisstance but they have had no responce back and are unsure if help is on its way. With reports of missing people up in the tens of thousands and the infrastructure heavily damaged the local garisson of Guardsmen are doing what they can to keep the population safe and fortify in case of attack. The planetary Governor has sent ships to the closest sectors for help but that could take some time.

All they can do now is wait and hope for assisstance....

To take part in this campaign you will need a 1000 point 40k Army with a character that has been converted in some way. (must not look like the front cover of the box) You will also need a background for why your character and his army have come to the world of Systec Prime and what it is that they want to achieve there.

You will get an individual mission each week personalised to your story line.

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