Stefan Goldmann | Finn Johannsen | MC KAMAN | Ivaylo

Macro celebrates its tenth anniversary with label figureheads, Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen in our basement at Jæger while MC Kaman, Jan Sverre and guests go about business as usual in our lounge and courtyard. Founded in 2007, Macro has played hosts to some of this music’s greats with a roster that includes Elektro Guzzi, KUF, KiNK, Oliver Ho, rRoxymore, Patrick Cowley and Vladimir Dubyshkin. At the centre of the label is Stefan Goldmann and Finn Johannsen, who pack their extensive knowledge and experience into the label’s music.

Born in Kiel, Germany, in the late 60's, Finn Johannsen started collecting records since he was a kid, with a focus on anything danceable from Disco, Soul, Post Punk, to Synth Pop and all points in between, and entered the nightlife as soon as he could. He spent his formative years dancing in some legendary clubs in Hamburg and started out as a DJ in the 80's on the Rare Soul circuit, then later fell in love with House and Techno and the styles that followed suit. Over the years he played a vast array of national and international gigs, and his widely acclaimed mixes and radio shows are all over the web. He is also a well respected and prolific writer for numerous print and web media publications (and there are rumors that he is affiliated with the mysterious D*ruffalo collective).

For Stefan Goldmann Techno has always been about imagining the future and feeling the excitement of change and discovery. With every release and project he has brought a new edge to the table, creating some extraordinarily memorable tracks along the way. The uninhibited dirt of ‘The Maze’, the melodic craze of ‘Sleepy Hollow’ or the free-floating choir samples dominating ‘Lunatic Fringe’ have provided genre-shifting role models for countless DJs and producers. Stefan’s music can go from the dance floor to the gallery space, and he has authored two books on the subject of experimental electronic music. He is a central figure at Berghain as the man behind Elektroakustischer Salon, where he concentrates his efforts on the furthest corners of electronic music.

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