Midsummer biodanza 2018

Welcome to a one day workshop with Unni Heim in Oslo.
Everybody are welcome!

(Optional: you are also welcome to come along into nature at Bygdøy after the workshop)

Theme for the workshop:
Alive now! - Celebrating our human nature

Biodanza means the dance of life.
During this workshop we welcome our potential for health, natural vitality and enjoyment of living, human togetherness and harmony.
Life invites us to dance every day, every second, and biodanza can be a door to enter this invitation in a gentle way. Through music, movements, emotions and human contact we welcome and celebrate out human nature.

Connect with yourself and learn to embrace the natural forces of life.
No experience in dance are required and no steps will be taught.

Optional: After the workshop those of you whom are interested are welcome to go to Bygdøy for a midsummer gathering included a short session of biodanza i nature. More info around this will come soon.

Price for the workshop June 23 2018: Normal price 850 NOK /Early bird discount if signing up before May 18 2018: 750 NOK

To sign up please go to the link https://biodanza.no/arrangement-2373.html and use the form and pay the deposit for 300 NOK.

The deposit is non-refundable.

Teaching language is English if there are English-speaking participants in the group. If there are only Norwegian speaking participants, we use Norwegian language.

If you have questions please email Unni at

Kilde: Facebook