Welcome to BABF Opening Night!

Performance by chamber choir GNEIS.
Opening of the book sales at galleries no. 2, no. 3 and Motto Bookshop, and exhibtion by KMD (Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design) with readings by poets from Forsvinningspunkt at Upstairs.

Opening Party at Landmark with musical guest Slim Kerk

Mini-Talks by

Trippelpunkt (NO)

Nordic Letterpress Collaboration (NO/SE)

Tamas Horvath (HU)

Askeland Bok & Papir (NO)

Nomadic Reading Room (NL)

Vilunki 3000 (FI)

Musical guests:

GNEIS chamber choir is a mixed choir started by conductor Tore Kloster in 2005. The choir have as a central goal the performance of music by living, West Norwegian composers, but also work with high quality music from other places and periods. They aim to challenge the traditional choir format and the conventional concert framework. GNEIS are currently working with a combination of early music and improvisation.

Slim Kerk
Based in Bergen, Norway, Slim Kerk is the stagename of performance and electo artist Hans Christian van Nijkerk, a wild and wacky stage persona with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy.

Slim Kerk's energetic show has found its current shape in the Northern Norway city of Tromsø, where generous amounts of coffee and light therapy are a recommended survival strategy for the long Polar Night period.
Recently he has taken a leap into unknown territory, including full-on improvisation in his concerts and a healthy dose of electronic craziness.


Forsvinningspunkt is a writing group, a zine, release events with readings and a community. Last edition of Forsvinningspunkt zine was released spring 2017, and since 2012 has published 50 different unknown local poets with 16 issues. Some of them have later been published by more established publishers. To highlight voices from the underground has been a main goal for the Forsvinngspunkt project.

First year bachelor students from visual communication at Faculty for art, music and design show their first big assignment in typography, where they made posters based on poems from Forsvinningspunkt.

Mini-talks program:

Trippelpunkt is a small, intependent publishing house, started in 2017 by the Bergen based artist Anngjerd Rustand.

Nordic Letterpress Collaboration
Imi Maufe and Lina Nordenström will talk about their latest Nordic Letterpress Collaboration project 'POSTED / UNPOSTED. A collection of letterpress printed envelopes with content, which has recently been completed at Grafikverkstan Godsmagasinet in Uttersberg, Sweden - a letterpress and etching studio run by Lina Nordenström and Lars Nyberg.

Tamas Horvath
Hungarian freelance graphic designer and photographer. He usually publish short run zines and posters featuring his photographs, sometimes mixed with the graphics he is experimenting with at the moment.

Askeland Bok & Papir
Run by Daniel Askeland. By re-using old books, maps and other types of paper making notebooks and other stationery products with a unique and handmade feel.

Nomadic Reading Room
Starting life as an itinerant reading room in public spaces such as derelict toilets and car parks, Nomadic Reading Room is now a small press and research project into the overlaps of publishing practices and zine culture in fine art contexts.

Vilunki 3000
Graphic designer and visual artist whose imprint has been visible for decades, especially through club posters, strongly in street art, and in subculture-focused bands, flyers, T-shirts and other publications in Finland. Vilunki3000 was awarded as Graphic Designer of the year in Finland in 2017. He will also have an exhibition together with Blank Blank at Ubåt Press on Friday the 20th, where a bus will leave from Landmark at 21:15!

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