Nordiske gjester!

(There will be an own event for Oslo students with sign-up info soon)

From October 11-15, the end of the legendary Nordic Hattrick, Oslo Nordic Week will be back, and we are all very much looking forward to welcoming you again with lots of <3<3 nordic love <3<3

For this year, we decided to do a little twist on the traditional maritime law theme. Everywhere you go in Oslo (or Norway) you will see the effects of the oljepenger from the multi-billion Norwegian petroleum industry. There might not be a law topic that is of higher special importance to Norway than petroleum law. That means that we have got incredible expertise here in Oslo, and we will visit some of the best of the best.

So where were we? Let me take you through our great programme. This is gonna be so fun (at least until Sillis for some)

On Tuesday evening, we will treat our hattrickers and other early birds to a meet-up and a little pre-party. Location and time will come soon. On Wednesday, we'll officially start with a sightseeing around our wonderful oljepenger-funded city, before our traditional waffle lunch at Bua (Juristforeningen's office right in the dead center of Oslo). The waffles will be SOOO damn good. After filling up we'll head to the leading petroleum lawyers at Kvale for three of the best things in life: law, food and beer.

The day (and week) has only barely started, because then our bus driver Dag Vemund will take us away to the deep forests above Oslo, to our very own hytte, Hoppeseter, a magical place with long traditions. If we're really (un?)lucky, we might be blessed with the first snow of the season. In accordance with the strict rules of the Hoppe, we will as always have a midnight sittning, but don't worry: an early hot dog lunch will be served, at 20.00.

Up here, far from the oil-booming Oslo, we'll have to dress accordingly, and get a taste of a world without oljepenger. The theme of the sittning is going to be "FATTIGLUS/NORWAY WITHOUT OIL", so don't bring your nicest clothes, to put it straight.

On Thursday, we'll rise and shine, before we head down to the world of petroleum law once again. Statoil will be the place, where we'll be welcomed by Gaute A. Sletten, one of the best lawyers in the field, with experience from the biggest law firms in Norway and the Attorney General's office. In the afternoon, it's as usual time for a surprise. It will be so fun that it time will fly until you have to get ready for the Oslo Oktoberfest. Put on your lederhosen and dirndls, it's time for a great German atmosphere, with music, and beer-prices that don't require you to break your bank of oljepenger.

On Friday, we'll first have a very interesting law programme, where we'll visit the Ministry of Finance, who'll talk about how the investment of our beloved oljepenger is regulated, and serve us a lovely lunch. Soon thereafter, it's time for the Nordic Sittning. This year we will be in Sangerhallen, right by one of the largest metro stations in central Oslo, and we'll serve you the best that the Norwegian kitchen has to offer, which is TACO! After the Sittning, we will head off to Heidi's, one of the very best nighclubs in Oslo and one of the few with a 20 year age limit.

Saturday is the big årsfest day, where we'll as usual start with a gender-separated preparty, before heading to Wikborg Rein, our beloved main sponsor, for the medal ceremony and pre-cocktails.
Juristforeningen's Hoppeball will this year take place at Hotel Continental, a quite oljepengery-poshy hotel in the center of Oslo. There will be great food and drinks, and as evening turns to night, dancing.

Sunday... Sunday..... sillis. It's time for me to say goodbye (if I'm able), and we will do it in the traditional Nordic fashion.

The programme will be subject to changes and additions, but I can promise you that the full details will soon be revealed. Until then you have to wait with excitement...

The price for the week is 200 € (1860 oljepenger) and 190 € (1765 oljepenger) for helgen. Every association gets 3 spots, including one free spot. Extra spots will be handed out after the sign up date. Send sign ups to your local int.sek before September 15. We require full names, birth date, allergies and time of arrival and departure.

If you have any questions or comments to the programme, feel free to get in touch. , or by phone, +47 46946140.

Me, the board of Juristforeningen, and the committee of NW Oslo, (Stian and Thomas) along with the rest of our staff and helpers, are very excited and looking so much forward to welcoming you once again in Oslo in October.

Alexander Sæthern
Oslo Int.sek
Phone: + 47 46946140


20:00 Preparty

11:00 – Meet up for city sightseeing @ Universitetsplassen
13:00 – WAFFLES! @ Bua
14:00 - Law, food & beer @ Kvale
16:00 – Bus to Hytte (<3 Hoppeseter <3)
20:00 – Lunch
00:00 – Sittning with fårikål
XX:XX – Bayer i hånden
XX:XX - Sauna
XX:XX – Can I have some more akke?

09:00 – Rise and shine
11:30 – Departure from hytte (see you next year, Hoppeseter)
13:00 – Lecture & lunch @ Statoil
16:00 – Surprise
17.30 - Mellandxxd/dinner
20:00 - Oilympic games @ Bua
22:00 – Oktoberfest @ Frokostkjellern
XX:XX – Oktoberfest afterparty

10:30 – Meet up @ Universitetsplassen
11:00 – Lecture & lunch @ Ministry of Finance
13:00 – Mellandxxd
17:30 – Sittning @ Sangerhallen
23:00 - Eftersittning @ Heidis
XX:XX - Nightfood

12:00 – Girls preparty
13:00 – Boys preparty
16:00 – Precocktails and medal ceremony @ Wikborg Rein
18:00 – Hoppeball @ Hotel Continental
02:00 - Afterparty @ Lawo
XX:XX – Når begynner sillis???

12:00 – Nå begynner sillis? @ Sangerhallen
13:00 – Int.sek på bordet
13:05 - Int. sek under bordet
XX:XX – Alex is over
XX:XX – Afteraftersillis
XX:XX – Ha det bra
XX:XX – Sees i Norden

WARNING: It is for me very important that all guests behave responsibly, and that the intseks take extra responsibilty for their participants. Excessive drunkenness is no excuse for stupidity, and will result in not being allowed entrance/getting thrown out of pubs or clubs, Norwegian bouncers are strict. You will not be allowed in again.

Short version: Have fun, but keep control! :D

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