Come Fly with Vanessa!

Vanessa is the only certified aerial yoga instructor in the area and now you will have the opportunity to try this fun and artistic form of yoga.

Spots for 10 experienced/non-experienced participants. ALL are WELCOME to this unique workshop. More workshops will come throughout the fall.

The benefits of flying yoga aka aerial yoga are many, here are some of the few you will feel & experience instantly!

To suspend you will develop:
•healthcare for your spine & joints
•develop your core
•spatial integration & spatial awareness
•everyone is able to invert from day 1!
•decompression of the spine due to traction on the YogiGym Suspension sling.

These are just to name a few...

To reserve your spot, book on MindBody or give us a call on 97479933 if you have any questions.

500 kr per person or 3000 for 8 sessions valid for 16 months!

We welcome all ages from age 14 and all physical abilities. Everyone can benefit of suspending - working on alignment, flexibility, strength and posture!

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