Cc: with/without wristband 130/150,-
Tickets sold exclusively at the door.

Afrodiasporic Funk From Amsterdam!
Jungle by Night has turned many dance floors into boiler rooms: from Istanbul to Tokyo and from Paris to the isle of Vlieland, nobody can withstand their afro beats, ethiobreaks, Turkish psych and spicy cumbia. Their latest album The Traveller sets its journey further through the jungle, taking it deeper and deeper into an unknown world. Jungle By Night are everywhere this year, so Oslo, get ready!

Club: Tien Son

Tien Son serves up the most warm and soulful records from all across the globe. Getting you to both dance and vibe out at the same time to an impressive selection records ranging from the finest Eastern Funk, Brazilian drumbreaks, Japanese House to the most rarest of rare tropical gems.

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