SHINING til Rockeklubben i Porsgrunn!!


“A study in co-ordinated whiplash!” – The New York Times

One part aggressive metal, one part stinging free jazz, the whole thing solidified with a fine industrial polish – that is what the Norwegian Blackjazz band is!

With a new album being released later this fall, this hard-hitting group from the cold north is again ready to hit the world across the forehead with their patented signature sound. With their both genre-defying and genre-defining album “Blackjazz” from 2010, the band set a new standard for heavy music altogether. Since then, they have churned out one lauded album after another.

In a live setting these guys are known for bringing the energy of an atom bomb, coupled with unrivalled musicianship. Expect nothing less than full on assault on your senses and a new understanding of what music can be! Energy – sweat – aggression – all executed with musical precision.

To test their musical mettle against nature at its most daunting, the band recently brought in helicopters to fly over 2’000 kilos of heavy musical equipment up to a remote and precarious Norwegian cliff-top (‘Trolltunga’), with a straight 700-metre drop stretching down below; here, they played a concert where no-one believed a concert could be played! It’s clear that Shining are more than prepared to put their money where their mouths are!


An explosive duo from Oslo that manages to create an extremely exciting, eccentric universe by means of one drumkit, a number of interconnected guitar amps and a series of loop & effect pedals. A universe filled with jazz, noise, postpunk & funk. Adventurous, energetic, danceable and innovative… Right through the wall of sound!

«Las Napalmas» is a «to be or not to be» project, both for the listeners and the band. If you throw yourself into its musical whirlwind, which Tobias and Simen from Aiming For Enrike do every time, we’re pretty sure that you soon will catch on as well. Inside it’s atmospheric, it’s staccato, it’s fierce and it’s fascinating. But most of all it’s a lot of fun.

The common denominator for their music has always been energy and explosiveness, and there’s no doubt that you will be served that on «Las Napalmas». Songs like «Nibloninan Car», «Moustache» and «Lactic Acid Trip» hit you like heavy blows in your midriff. In addition, you get slow and more sonic songs like «Social Window», «Front Runner» and «Hi Ball».

It may not sound like it, since the songs throw you around with infernal power and firm intensity, but Aiming For Enrike is actually only two musicans: One guitar and one drumkit. Even though it may be difficult to believe it – the album was 100% recorded live in the studio, with only those two musicians in one room.

Together, Aiming For Enrike have created their own universe where everything is centered around what happens between the two of them in a rehearsal space, in a studio and on a stage. What you see is what you hear, and what you hear is pure joy. For the listeners and for the band.

Aiming For Enrike følger opp "Segway Nation" fra 2016 med "Las Napalmas" som slippes fredag 27/10, altså dagen før konserten på RiP!

Tobias Ørnes Andersen - Drums
Simen Følstad Nilsen - Guitar

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Lørdag 28 oktober - 18 år leg plikt.

21.00 dørene åpner
22.00 Aiming For Enrike
23.00 Shining

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