FLEKSIBILITET OG STYRKEKLASSE som blant annet er svært effektiv trening hvis du har stiv nakke eller rygg. Nivået passer alle.
Med Karina Hoepers.

9. januar er kurset GRATIS for deg som har lyst til å prøve for første gang. Kurset går over 8 uker fra disse datoene men du kan også ta drop in-timer når som helst.

MER OM KURSET (på engelsk):
The program is useful for everyone. Dancers will benefit a lot from Karina's knowledge on the best program for dancers' needs. Expect an amazing playlist that will take you to blissful realms!
Bring your friends & meet new friends! Welcome!

Warm up, core & frame workout, and thorough stretches (pain-free). During the stretches, Karina guides you explanations about them and with efficient body-mind relaxation techniques (mini-meditations).

Flexibility and muscle mass/strength tends to diminish as we get older, but you can regain and maintain it. It's much easier to do it in a group, with motivating teachings and music!

We are having a SPECIAL OFFER where everyone can pay student price! More info further down.

1. Increase flexibility and joint range of motion, improving your dance and daily performance in tasks such as lifting children or packages or weight at the gym, bending to tie your shoes, maintaining balance on an icy sidewalk, zipping up a dress, reaching for something on the top shelf, hurrying to catch an appointment, etc.
2. Enhance coordination and muscle control, as maintaining the full range-of-motion through your joints keeps you in better balance. This will help keep you mobile and less prone to injury from falls, especially as you get older.
3. Improve circulation, bringing nourishment to tissues, getting rid of waste byproducts in the muscle tissue and reducing inflammation. Improved circulation can help shorten your recovery time in muscle injuries and can increase energy levels.
4. Better your posture, keep your muscles from getting tight and minimize discomfort.
5. Relieve stress, as stretching relaxes tense muscles that often accompany stress. Meditative stretching as taught in this class can help calm the mind, providing a mental break and giving your body a chance to recharge. It offers a greater sense of well-being and a more restful sleep.
6. Avoid muscle soreness.
7. Improve breathing.

"Many people think the core consists only of the abdominals, but the core also includes your pelvic muscles, mid and lower back muscles, and even your hip muscles. All of these muscles work together to support your spine and skull. How Does Core Strength Benefit Your Body? Think of your core as a muscular corset that stabilizes your entire body, helping to give you a center of gravity whether you’re at rest or moving your limbs: Just as a ballerina uses her center of gravity to keep her balance as she spins across the floor, you draw upon your core strength whenever you walk, sit, exercise or perform pretty much any activity." (Read more at http://www.canyonranch.com/your-health/fitness-movement/strength/core/the-many-body-benefits-core-strength)

People who have suffered recently from an acute muscle strain, fractured bones or joint sprains should not join this class. Consult your doctor if you are not sure if it's good for you.

Be kind to your muscles and they will be kind to you!

Karina has 27 years experience teaching dance and stretching, She studies several forms to achieve better dance frame, core and flexibility. She will present techniques from yoga, jazz ballet, pilates, gymnastics and other sources to help you prepare your body to stay fit. She is a fun and lighthearted teacher, and creates a great atmosphere for everyone. She is graduated in Psychology and has been teaching Presence meditations for over 2 decades! Read more about her here:

Yoga mat (we have 15 to borrow), water bottle, stretching clothes and your curious & open heart-mind ;) We sell multi-pure water as well.

The classes are taught in English.

We have a SPECIAL OFFER where everyone can pay student price if they get a full pass:
*** Full Pass: Kr. 990,- (790,- students) for 8 hours course, during 8 weeks (Choose Single Class Card Students if you buy online)
*** Punch-card: 1600,- / 1280,- students (10 punches)
*** Drop-in: 200,- or 160 for students (100,- if it's your 1st time)
*** The program is included in I Love Dancing Advantage Cards: Silver, Gold & Diamond.
Also possible to get double or triple class cards. Check all on this link. Buy at the door or online here:

*** Recruit a new friend (who hasn't been to ILD):
We deduct 10% of whatever your friends purchase, from your own course.
Example 1: Your friend takes a full course (990,-/ 790,- students), you get kr 99,-/ 79,-discount on your course.
Example 2: Your friend purchases a Diamond Card (Kr 6990,-/ 5590,- Students), you get Kr 699,-/ 559,- discount on your course, and so on :)

Look very much forward to see you!

Best regards, BIG hugs, and much appreciation,
I Love Dancing Team,
Tollbugata 13, Oslo @ Posthuskvartalet!
Phone: +47 93219199
E-mail: post (at) ilovedancing.no

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