New 8 weeks courses start during our FREE weeks (23-26 Oct, 8-11 Jan). Click on "Join" and invite friends :)
Also possible to DROP IN anytime as long as the class fits your level.
All classes which are designed for beginners are free to try for everyone during our free week. If you are a newcomer to I Love Dancing, you can also try other levels for FREE during our free week. Just make sure the classes fit to your level ;) :)

  • 17:30-18:25 Samba Basics
    - 18:30-19:25 Samba Beyond Basics (choreography class)
    - 19:30-20:25 Zouk Basics
    - 20:30-21:30 Zouk Beyond Basics: custom-made classes, all levels.
    - 21:30-22:30 (or longer) FREE ZOUK SOCIAL DANCE the whole winter.

- Partners in the Zouk classes are not fixed so you'll have opportunity to meet new friends and dance with different people. If you attend with your own partner and for whatever reason you wish to stay with your partner, this is fine, just stay with your partner when we change partners. That said, there are always quite a few participants repeating their beginner course to refresh their basics. Changing partner will provide you the opportunity to dance with stronger dancers to help you learn faster.

- If any of our Basic courses are too early for you, you can take 1-2 private lesson/s and jump to the Beyond Basic level which happens an hour later on the same evening :)
- In the Beyond Basics classes We teach new steps, moves & combinations throughout the year. We customize the class based on those who join: improvers, intermediates and advanced, with new moves every time, including
We start with a simpler move suitable for all and give extra styling and variations for the advanced dancers.
We strongly recommend to repeat the Basic course at least 4 times to become a good dancer (while you join the next level as well). No basic course is exactly the same :)
You get 50% off for repeated Basic course.

ABOUT SAMBA (Solo Dance):
Brazilian SAMBA no PÉ (solo dance), from Rio de Janeiro, for men & women,
In addition to being a very fun full body workout, you can use ALL body moves, isolation & footwork in other dances! Fun Teaching & Fast Results! Bring your friends & make new friends! All ages are welcome :)

ABOUT ZOUK (Couple Dance):
Brazilian Zouk Love is a modern Lambada style, much slower than the original Lambada... a sensual, graceful, romantic dance is taking Oslo & the dance world by storm. Once you taste this amazing couple dance, you get addicted! Brazilian Zouk is danced to zouk & kizomba music or other music containing the zouk beat or where Dj's add the zouk beat to them, such as RnB, Reggaeton, Ragga, Hip-hop, Black music, Pop, Arabic, mixes and any other type of music where the dancers are able to express themselves, being guided by the melody or by a compass that allows the dancers to use their techniques and resources.
Watch your teacher Karina dancing here:
Watch our guest instructors Isabel & Arthur in this Zouk Choreography:

SAMBA instructors:
Karina Dragonfly is the most experienced Samba pedagogue, performer, and choreographer in Norway and one of the best internationally. She has 26 years of experience in teaching dances and is a great motivator!
Watch Karina & her student Ingvild dancing on TV:
Watch her and her students dancing here, on a recap of beginners 8-weeks course:
Read more about Karina here:

ZOUK Instructors:
Your INSTRUCTORS are the founders of Brazilian Zouk in Norway (2003):
KARINA Dragonfly from Brazil: The Zouk Queen in Norway & one of the best Zouk instructors worldwide. She has 25 years of experience in teaching, dancing and performing Brazilian Zouk!
REYZA the Dance Doctor, is Norway's most experienced male Zouk Instructor. He has been teaching couple dances since 1993.
Karina and Reyza are fun to be with, and make sure everyone get the right technique! You will improve on quantum leaps!
They mix the best of each Zouk style, teaching with a very good foundation of Zouk Love. They have a clear pedagogy, smooth, sensual, elegant and comfortable zouk dance. They teach moves that give the best safety for your body. To guarantee a high quality workshop and instruction, the instructors will dance with the students and will give them personal feedback. You will notice how much more you learn in their class & remember, than in most zouk congresses and classes around the world. Learning correctly with experienced teachers saves you from lots of frustration later. Read more about them:

Bring dance shoes, or other indoor shoes that have slippery soles to avoid injuries) that does not leave marks on the floor, or dance with socks.
We have NICE DANCE SHOES TO SELL on the same location as the course, from 300 NOK. Come earlier to try them ;)

SAMBA: Class can be taught in Norwegian or English, according to the needs of participants. It can be translated what is needed to Portuguese & Spanish.
ZOUK: The classes can be taught in Norwegian or English, according to the needs of participants. It can be translated what is needed to Portuguese, Spanish & Persian.

We have created the perfect atmosphere for learning, having fun and socializing at I Love Dancing, dedicating to offer the best quality in all we do for you:
- Awesome pedagogy
- Fun classes in all levels
- Fast results
- Kind instructors
- Many popular dance styles
- Friendly community
- Elegant and super central location
- Great variety of amazing music
- Awesome sound system
- Great dance floor
- Cozy colorful light system
- Nice ecological bar & café
- Exclusive dance shop
- Effective combination of classes & party of the same dance style on the same day and location, so you can practice right away what you learn and make best use of your investment of time and money.
- Our events are done with great respect for other teachers & events.
- This is truly a place of art with a heart!

*** 8 hours course: Kr. 990,-/ 790,- students
(Choose Single Class Card if you buy online)
*** Drop in: Kr. 200,-/ 160,- students
*** Punch-card: 1600,- / 1280,- students (10 punches, 1 punch per hour)
*** Only social/party: Kr. 50,-
*** These classes and parties are included in I Love Dancing Cards: Silver, Gold & Diamond.
More options on this link... Buy at the door or online here:

*** 50% Discount on Repeated Beginner Level
We at recommend that everyone join the beginner course at least 4 times (while going to other levels) as this is how you get good in your dance (we offer 50% off on all our repeated beginner courses).
To qualify for the 50% discount you need to have taken a course earlier covering the Basics.

*** RECRUIT A NEW FRIEND who hasn't been to ILD: We deduct 10% of your friends 1st purchase, from your own pass.
Example 1: Your friend takes 1 full course (990,-/ 790,- students), you get kr 99,-/ 79,-discount on your course.
Example 2: Your friend purchases a Diamond Card (Kr 6990,-/ 5590,- Students), you get Kr 699,-/ 559,- discount on your course, and so on :)

Best regards, BIG hugs, and much appreciation,
I Love Dancing Team,
Tollbugata 13, Oslo @ Posthuskvartalet!
Phone: +47 93219199
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